Our philosophy and values

„Our Strengths – From Philosophy to Action“

Behind every great achievement there is a specific motivation. Normally, it is not easy to find out what makes a team so strong and committed. We asked ourselves why this is the case with us and found out the following:

We are fully aware of your individual requirements. This way we can offer you the absolute best solution for your specific application. It gives us maximum drive to achieve our common goal. You can always assume that our conversations are open and honest. We will not promise you the blue of the sky, as some of our competitors do, and then let you down with the second-best solution. We give you exactly what you need to ensure your success: industrial x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive testing (NDT) with automatic defect recognition (ADR).

Our values bring in a lot of energy to manage the entire process together with you. Since 1991, quality has been a core value that drives us. Some of our machines have been in use around the clock for 15 years. This is reliability at its finest and applied sustainability. Our basic technology is robust and made for the harsh environment in which they are used. Innovation is our constant companion and is reflected in the operation through updates on the software and ADR side and new, innovative inventions.  Flexibility is our constant partner in all processes, because sometimes parameters on your side change very quickly. And finally, with a purchase order from you, we take responsibility for making you even more successful.

What we stand for

Innovation   |   Technology   |   Quality   |   Reliabilty   |   Flexibility   |   Responsibility   |   Sustainability