Industrial X-ray and ct systems | THE X-RAY SOLUTION GmbH & Co. KG

From small, medium sized to industrial giga X-ray system

As a manufacturer of automatic industrial X-ray and CT inspection systems applications, THE X-RAY SOLUTION has achieved an excellent position in the global business.

The roots of success go back to 1996. Since then, we have been developing highly automated X-ray systems with ever-future-oriented innovations.

At the same time, our name stands for industrial automation, a DNA that Christoph Grohmann brought to the THE X-RAY SOLUTION from many years of company affiliation at Grohmann Engineering, now Grohmann Tesla Automation.

This makes us one of the global players in the X-ray business today.

Whether it is individual offline systems, customer-specific special solution, or fully automatic inline applications: With THE X-RAY SOLUTION, our customers always achieve the highest level of responsibility and thus quality in the X-ray testing of safety-relevant components for the vehicle and aircraft industry.

With our highly motivated and experienced development team, systems are created for the fully automatic, but also manual, X-ray inspection in numerous casting productions. The ever-increasing component size of castings is no obstacle, because our systems are scalable, from small, medium sized to industrial giga X-ray systems.

This gives our customers maximum flexibility and guarantees them considerably more market opportunities.

Creating cutting edge technology products in a truly dynamic way makes us be trendsetters in the market and the right partner for future oriented customers.  Our knowledge and experience make us a reliable partner in consulting processes as well. If it comes to planning a new production line, or having your production more efficient, we are the ones to lead you through the entire process.